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The GCBC 2010 – Part 1: Living Room – Top Left Shelf

In Comics, The Great Comic Book Census of 2010 on 24 April, 2010 at 10:30 am

The Living Room
Left Bookshelf

Well, I may as well start here…
Starting at the top left and working my way along:

Top Shelf

Apologies for the picture quality… they were taken on my iPhone and therefore not that good… Particularly the close-ups…

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The Great Comic Book Census of 2010

In Comics, The Great Comic Book Census of 2010 on 19 April, 2010 at 2:48 pm

Welcome to my world. The idea behind “The Great Comic Book Census of 2010” is multifold.

What is this all about?
Firstly, it’s a look at what I am currently picking up each month at my Local Comic Shop (“LCS”), broken down into the same divisions they use: “Marvel Comics”; “DC Comics” (including imprints like Wildstorm and Vertigo), and; “Indie Comics” – the banner used to cover all the other publishers who aren’t “The Big Two”.

Secondly, I’ll be looking at “Graphic Novels and Collections”, whether they be standalone, one-off stories, a “Trade Paperback” or “Deluxe Hardcover”, or special reprints. Most of these have been obtained online, via Amazon, Forbidden Planet, or eBay…

Thirdly, a list of Digital Comics I have accumulated for my iPhone… And my thoughts about the comics themselves, their translation to this new medium, and how to find them…

I am also going to be using this as an exercise to see what titles I am really reading, what is piling up, what is and isn’t working for me and why…

I realise that I probably buy more comics per month than most other people other than reviewers or those directly involved with their creation, but I still spend less on comics per month than most of my work colleagues spend down the pub… Not being a big drinker (anymore) I think I actually get the better deal out of it…

Finally, I am also going to be looking at what to do with the comics that are slowly filling our house, quite literally from foundations (understairs cupboard) to rafters (reinforced roof storage) via various bedrooms inbetween… Some are going to be kept for posterity or nostalgia reasons, obviously. Some will hopefully be sold to appreciative recipients. Those that I want to get rid of, that simply won’t sell? I have no idea what to do with them… I’d like to gift them to charities or children’s hospitals and the like, but I have no idea where to start… Any advice or suggestions there would be greatly appreciated…

Structure and Methodology
Seeing as I have neither the time, nor the room, to sort everything in one go, I am going to simply work my way around the house, one room at a time, one shelf, or one box at a time… Sorting, commenting and listing as I go.

Once I’ve finished each bunch, I’m going to add it to a master list, linking back to the original posts for each title…

I hope you all enjoy the adventure!