About Tim Meakins

Born in England, raised in Africa, returned to England to go to University.

I read comics and watch Formula One racing (F1).

I waffle on and on a lot, and thought it best to start writing it all down…

I don’t pre-write my posts, preferring to write things down as they come to me.  This can tend to lead to a little straying off-topic, but I do try to get back to my main point eventually… I’m not  a journalist, so do bear with me.

Comments are welcome, be they positive or negative.  Downright insulting or abusive comments will be deleted.  I’m also still getting used to the whole blog idea, and learning more about the process, and the page layouts as I go along, so don’t be surprised if the whole blog has been restructuring between your visits.

I hope to modify the CSS (layout script) in future to have three main sections: Comics, F1, and general musings.

I also have another blog over on Blogger, which is strangely enough a blog all about my blogging experience, and how I am trying not to use a desktop PC, sticking to my iPhone and my Eee PC…

What I write about at any given time depends on my mood, and whether my Writers’ Flood can overcome my Writers’ Block in a coherent manner…

At the moment, with the 2009 Formula One season kicking off, I am going to be focusing more on that than the comics, but I promise to try to alternate as much as possible…

Thank you for visiting,



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