General Update – Monday 25th May, 2009

In Comics, Formula 1, General on 25 May, 2009 at 9:40 pm

I’d like to apologise for my lack of blogging recently…

I blog mainly from my EeePC, and that has been having a lot of problems… Should all be solved now though, as I have installed a stripped-down version of Windows XP on it and that seems to be behaving itself nicely!

I will endeavour to catch up on my comic and F1 blogging over the next few weeks, and also hope to be able to redesign the blog slightly using some basic CSS skills and a bit of Photoshop wizardry.

Mainly I’d like to redesign the front page to give you a choice of Comics or F1 from the outset, with a few topical graphics.  I also would like to get permission to use pictures from the world of F1 and Comics, so you people can actually see what I’m talking about sometimes…

Maybe when Apple finally roll-out their iPhone OS3 update, it will be easier to blog from my iPhone, but lack of Copy/Paste is really hampering things at the moment…

In the meantime, I posted a sort of Race Report on DiffuseF1.com, a new website for the Twitter generation, put together by @SarahAnnGreen and @tkei – early days yet, but has a tonne of potential! Go and have a look!

Bye for now,



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