Comics – What I’ve read this week – 22nd of April 2009

In Comics on 21 April, 2009 at 11:02 pm

Played catch-up on Jack of Fables and Fables. Really looking forward to the Great Fables Crossover… Hope it makes “Event of the Year”!

Captain Britain and M.I.13 just gets better and better. I just wants me some more Union Jack… Come on, we’ve got vampires, Baron Blood, Excalibur… Union Jack, please?

Astonishing X-Men. Forge. Can Warren Ellis make me like a character that I find strangely boring?

Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps are getting closer and closer to The Blackest Night. This should be damn good cosmic superhero badness! Though I am getting worried about the idea of “Hal Jordan – Rainbow Lantern”… Three mores rings and he’ll have worn the full spectrum – or will he become a The White Lantern? The one to bring an end to Blackest Night? The Brightest Dawn? Oh, and seeing as the Star Sapphires (Violet) all seem to be female, will Hal be going Transgender?

Reading and re-reading accidentally while looking for references in The Adventures of Luther Arkwright for the Comics That Blew My Mind post…

Battle for the Cowl is okay. It seems to be setting up Dick Grayson for Batman, with Damien as his new Robin. Tim Drake looks set to become Red Robin. Jason Todd may be yet another Batman… I dunno… where’s Neil Gaiman’s Detective Comics issue? Then we can move on to some Batwoman in Detective Comics.

R.E.B.E.L.S. Continues to remind me how much of a cool bastard Vril Dox is after only three issues-all brilliant.

Secret Warriors is another really great comic. Also only three issues into its run, Hickman is adapting well to the Marvel Universe.

I’m still staring at three months of Amazing Spider-Man… I cancelled the title, but I feel honourbound to read the last few issues… If only that didn’t mean nearly a dozen issues…

I’ve fallen similarly behind in DMZ, The Goon, Amazing Spider-Girl, and oh god, Justice League of America. I just haven’t been in the right mood… Oh, and She-Hulk

I’m loving Secret Six. The Double-Date issue is great. The Ragdoll story in the back is wonderful! Very twisted, but so cool.

For similar reasons, I love Thunderbolts. Though I’m pissed to discover that I need Deadpool #8 before I can read the latest issue… Maybe I can email MegaCity and get them to add that and #9 to next months list.

I also need to have an Ultimate NightUltimate Fantastic Four (two issues), Ultimate X-Men (three issues), Ultimate Spider-Man (about six issues – those guys churn those issues out!), Mind-boggling (after three years!) Ultimate Wolverine Versus Hulk (two issues, with one or two more to come) and Ultimatum #3…

That’s it for now. Update soon.


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