F1 – Diffusers Confirmed Legal (Again)

In Formula 1 on 15 April, 2009 at 11:00 pm

Well, the ICA (International Court of Appeal) has rejected the appeal of the rejection of the protest on the legality of the diffusers whose designs had been approved by the FIA. Phew!

Now, can those of you with all that money, those wind tunnels and supercomputers go and finish the designs you’ve already admitted to starting? Then we can get on with the racing…

Just bear one thing in mind: the “Double-Decker” (Triple- at Toyota?) Diffuser allegedly gives you up to 0.3 seconds per lap… Jenson Button’s fastest lap was over 0.8 seconds per lap faster than anyone else. Second fastest was Rubens Barrichello, suffering from understeer… You’re going to need more than a diffuser…

Just before posting this I heard that apparently both Renault and McLaren will be bringing cars with new diffusers to Shanghai this weekend…  So if the ICA had upheld the protest, the money they spent developing thse new diffusers would have been utterly wasted… as it is the new diffusers are going to have to be tested and the drivers and engineers are going to have a big learning curve-particularly with no in-season testing!


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